About Us

About Us


Chartered in 1901, Iron Workers Local #5 is a progressive Union representing more than 1,000 Iron Workers in the Mid-Atlantic Region, including Journeymen, Apprentices, and Retirees.

The heart of our jurisdiction is in Washington, DC – one look at the city’s magnificent architecture, and you’ll understand why we’re so proud of our local, heritage, and trade. We also represent Iron Workers in Maryland, Virginia, and a small portion of West Virginia.

Each year, our Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) equips dozens of Apprentices with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this industry. You’ve got to have it all together to be an outstanding Iron Worker, period.

Our vision is to move to move the Iron Working industry into the future. We will accomplish this through a strong, active membership, aggressive recruitment of open shop Iron Workers, and energetic new apprentices eager to learn the many facets our trade.

About Ironwork

Most people think of Iron Workers as “those nuts that walk on beams in skyscrapers.” That’s just one aspect of Iron Work, the most diverse trade in the construction industry.

You stroll past examples of iron work every day, but you probably don’t realize it. Here are just few of our trade’s specialties:

Structural Steel Erection – a demanding occupation requiring physical stamina, endurance, and comfort working at great heights. In a building’s infancy, these Iron Workers create its skeleton, or framework.

Curtainwall and Window Wall Installation – windows are a major part of the architectural design of every building, and walls now incorporate framed-in glass in different shapes and colors.

Rigging and Machinery Moving – a highly technical (yet under-appreciated) aspect of Iron Work. To coin a phrase, riggers do “the heavy lifting,” with picks sometimes in the mega-tons. Tools of the trade include cranes, hoists, or even helicopters.

Precast (Stone) Erection – used in many buildings today, including structural precast (used in parking garages, bridges, and stadiums), and architectural precast, which adds to the exterior aesthetics of a structure.

Miscellaneous and Ornamental Ironwork is a very diverse term including “support iron” used for stairwells, bathroom dividers, and chandeliers. You name it –if it’s hanging and heavy … support iron is involved. Ornamental Iron Work includes handrails and other accents, often seen in lobbies.